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 The  Woman


Julie was born in Washington D.C., and raised in the great state of Virginia!   She currently resides in Fairfax County, which is in Northern Virginia.  Her parents were high school sweethearts and are quickly approaching their 50 year wedding anniversary!  Julie is 40 years old, an only child, vegan, currently single, and has no children. 


She has been involved in multiple sporting activities including competitive, gymnastics, horseback riding, swimming, soccer, and tennis.  In her spare time she thoroughly enjoys writing poetry; playing the piano; attending various lectures through the Smithsonian; studying astrobiology for fun through Harvard University; working on her ballet technique; attending ballet performances, concerts, and opera; jewelry shopping with her Mother; traveling; and practicing the acrobatic arts. She has one Goddaughter who she loves very much, Miss. Ana Maria. 

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La Cenerentola by Gioachino Rossini, Under the Gracious Patronage of H.E. theAmbassador of France to the United States Gérard Araud, with Magdalena Wór in the title role, at the La Maison Française, in Washington, D.C.

  The  Academic


Julie graduated from Marymount  University located in Arlington, Virginia, with a Bachelor of Arts  Degree. While in college she was an exchange student at the University of Central Queensland, Australia through the University of Long Island, South Hampton College, studying tropical marine ecology on the Great  Barrier Reef. Her second exchange program was through Michigan University where she backpacked through six European countries, studying art history.


Julie was a straight "A" student in college, and member of Beta-Psi/Alpha Phi Sigma and Psi-Chi National Honor Societies. She was an ambassador for Marymount University and presented a Leadership Award for establishing their collegiate cheerleading program. Her scholastic achievements warranted her the Presidential Academic Fitness Award for outstanding academic achievement signed by President Bill Clinton.


She was accepted and attended the Institute for the Arts, studying music, dance, drama, Broadway stage makeup/special effects, and sculpting.  Julie was just awarded the Outstanding Recent Graduate Award by Marymount University in recognition of her professional accomplishments and humanitarian contributions.  

Julie enjoys teaching STEM students Biocouture, the concept of growing material from bacteria. She also teaches about wearable technology, and epidermal electronics.

Sky Diving 14,000 feet over a sugarcane field, and whitewater rafting in Cairns, Australia. While white water rafting, Julie was ejected from the boat head first and almost drowned. Thanks to lifesaving measures she was able to cough up all the water, and survive.  In the photo you see a deep cut on her left leg; it happened the day before while rock climbing on Orpheus Island.  The next day after the incident, while sea kayaking off the Daintree coast, sea-lice ate the scab off, leaving a scar for several years.  The photo to the left, shows Julie SCUBA diving, cage-free, with sharks, and large stingrays in Maloolaba, Australia.  She has her SCUBA and boating licenses.


  The  Dancer


For the past 15 years she  has followed her passion, and love for dance as a Professional Ballroom  Instructor and Choreographer in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area.  She was certified by the World Professional Dance Teachers Association  in American Smooth & American Rhythm. Julie quickly acquired many Top Instructor awards including one at a world event; Overall Most  Entries Danced as an Instructor at a major competition (male or female);  numerous Top Student Awards; multiple choreography awards, and 1st  Place award in sales worldwide.  Julie danced with the touring production for Dancing with the Stars. She is an invited member of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and National Association of Professional Women. 

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Daniel Howard

Mark Ballas

Karina Smirnoff

Encore Ballroom Couture


Julie is the Owner and Co-Founder of Encore Ballroom Couture, the leading consignment and  consignment rental company in the ballroom industry. She considers  herself a Dress Broker, turning her clients’ dresses into cash! Julie is  also a celebrity stylist, focusing on special events, television  appearances, premieres, and award shows. She feels fortunate to work  side by side with her Mother who is the Co-Founder and Director of  Merchandising & Finance. Encore Ballroom Couture has an EXCLUSIVE affiliation with Randall Designs as their distributor for the distinct Randall Christensen dresses designed specifically for ABC's "Hit" TV  Series Dancing with the Stars. These dresses are the authentic dresses  that warranted Randall with a Primetime Emmy® award for costume design!   She is very proud of her company being fur and leather free! 


To learn more about Encore Ballroom Couture, please see:

To browse our authentic Dancing with the Stars show production dresses for sale, please click HERE!

Currently Julianne's mirror ball winning, Paso Doble dress is still available!  Click HERE for information on purchasing her dress.

 The  Dress  Spa

Julie is the Owner and Co-Founder of The Dress Spa, a company which provides a specialty cleaning service for ballroom dresses.  The Dress Spa primarily works with stretch fabrics, lace, embellishments, crystals, sequins, and couture costuming.  All the products have been created by Julie and her Mother.  The products are proudly vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, glycol ether-free, no artificial colors or dyes,  fragrance-free, phosphate-free, Kosher (Certified by the Orthodox  Union), 100% biodegradable, not tested on animals, septic safe, and made in the USA.  Once the garment has been hand cleaned, all embellishments are inspected.  Designers from all over the world ship to The Dress Spa for cleaning services.  

To view a complete list of services, please see:

 Hairpins  to  Hemlines


Hairpins to Hemlines is the first of it's kind in the ballroom dance industry.  It is an editorial explaining current mainstream fashion trends, educating dancers on how to select a fashion forward dance wardrobe.  It is produced seasonally, and Julie is the Creative Designer.  She enjoys writing special features on new technologies in the fashion industry, recently focusing on Biocouture, Epidermial Electronics, and Wearables.  Recently she was invited to discuss these technologies with STEM students, and explain what a future in science-based fashion could entail. 

To view the current Trend Report please see:

Julie continues to be a fashion stylist for celebrities and artists, being featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, red carpet events, award show performances, stage, and embassy events.

 Gold  Stars

Julie has spearheaded a program in partnership with Gold Stars, donating previously loved ballroom costumes that can each range from $500 - $10,000, to an established 501 (c)(3) non-profit program host.  Over $500,000 worth of costumes have been donated.  Gold Stars provides free ballroom dance education to youth from economically challenged families. The students must maintain an approved GPA, and remain in good standing in school (elementary, middle and/or high school).  The students use the donated costumes for special performances, showcase routines, and in competitions that wave entry fees for participants in this program.  The costume donations help improve self confidence, and overall appearance, showing that cost doesn't have to be a limiting factor for those who are willing to work hard in school and love to dance.  

For more information on this great program click HERE.

 Toppers  For Troopers



Based on her extensive  accomplishments, Julie was nominated and selected for the 83rd Joint  Civilian Orientation Conference (JCOC). She was the youngest participate  among top level CEO's, presidents of universities, and industry  leaders.  The Department of Defense awarded the JCOC participates a rank  of 2 Star General.  Julie had a tremendous experience meeting our  military service men and women and learning what life is like for them  on a daily basis.  She heard their insights and concerns, and walked away with a new appreciation of their sacrifice and bravery.


Something she took away from this experience was our military is made up of volunteers, and that we are still engaged in military combat every minute of every day. Men and women fighting for our freedom, away from their families, and risking their life, for us, is awe-inspiring to her.  She encourages everyone to help service men and women in their community any way they can.  Julie  personally has worked with Companions for Heros and Dogs on Deployment.  She is a financial sponsor of The Wounded Warrior Project. 

Based on her JCOC experiences and wanting to do her part, she  founded the Toppers for Troopers program in April 2013.  The program looks forward to providing more “tools” to the Walter Reed National  Military Medical Center’s “Look Good Feel Better Program.” This program teaches patients who are suffering from alopecia (loss of hair) either from injury, illness or treatment, how to regain a new self-image. They  use makeup techniques, wigs, hairpieces, scarves and hats to sculpt the  new look and teach individuals to more comfortably live in their new  body. 

For more information on the program, please see: 

With Gary Sinise, at a private reception, in the garden at the Commandant's home, Washington, DC.




Grab Your Hat Hun! Every year in Baltimore, MD Julie hosts a community based hat design contest and has for many years now.  It is an annual tradition as part of a two-day outdoor festival called the FlowerMart.  She was notified recently that due to her contributions, she is being awarded the Volunteer of the Year award which will be presented to her on stage during the 2018 event.  

FlowerMart at Mt. Vernon, Ltd, is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.  For more information on the FlowerMart, please see:

The FlowerMart was previously produced by the Women's Civic League (WCL) of Baltimore, which Julie's Grandmother is a past President.  The WCL promotes beautification of the city, celebrates civility and community.

Julie loves watching the maypole performance!

1) Held a tarantula in her bare hands.

2) Last pet was a red-tailed shark.

3) Was a show jumper and did dressage.

4) Broke her arm while doing gymnastics.

5) Was a child runway model.

6) Has held a Koala.

7) Was a girl scout!

8) LOVES to clean and organize.

9) Has seen a rogue wave.

10) Held a jellyfish in her bare hands.

11) Has no tattoos or piercings.

12) Has never eaten red meat.

13) Has never tasted beer.

14) Has seen a volcano erupt.

15) Knows how to milk a cow.

16) Always catches the bouquet at weddings.

17) Has been bitten by a poisonous spider.

18) Has been pulled out of quicksand.

19) Never drinks carbonated beverages.

20) Is an award winning hat designer.

21) Has seen humpback whales migrate.

22) Is writing a children's book about Castle Caldwell.

23) Loves roller coasters, and amusement parks.

24) Is extremely close with her Mother, and 92 yr old Grandmother.

25) Is a sculptor.

25  Random  Facts  About  Julie

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